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I grew up on Doctor Who. I can’t remember a time when the show wasn’t part of my life. Fourth Doctor, Fifth, Sixth, Seventh, movie, novelisations, VHS, UKGold re-runs - that was the Doctor Who of my childhood and adolescence. But then there was no new Who for so many years, the show drifted into the background of my life. And then the reboot was announced. Re-watching Rose, I can still remember the excitement of it, as if it was yesterday. Not only was it New Who, it was New Who filmed right here, in my home town, using locations I see every day. When Rose’s department store blew up, I burst out laughing because I’d had lunch there just the day before. It was everything I could have asked for from a new version of the show, updated for our modern times. I loved it.

These days, I can sometimes be critical of NuWho, in the way that we often do with something that is currently airing, from which we have no distance. But every time I re-watch Rose, I remember the excitement that came with having the show on the air once more, and I fall in love all over again.

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